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About Us

Valhalla Physiotherapy originated in the early 90’s in Castlegar.  Purchased by Kirby Epp in 2003, Valhalla Physiotherapy has expanded to more than double the space and triple the qualified professionals!

In 2006 Valhalla opened a second clinic in Fruitvale, B.C. and in 2008 we moved our Castlegar clinic into its present location in Castleaird Plaza.

Valhalla Physiotherapy currently has 1 qualified Physiotherapist, Kirby Epp, who works in both the Fruitvale and Castlegar locations.  In addition we employ 3 reception/support staff members.

Our overall philosophy at Valhalla Physiotherapy is to promote rehabilitation using exercise as a basis.  Our mandate is to not only help our patients to return to pre-injury status, but to better equip our patients to physically handle whatever they desire.