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I wish to express my appreciation for my physiotherapist, Kirby Epp of Valhalla Physiotherapy, who has been treating me for a shoulder injury during the past month. Kirby is an extremely accomplished health care provider. He is very knowledgeable and is able to explain the diagnosis and treatment to the patient in an understandable fashion.

I have found Kirby to be skilled in treating the various problems he encounters.  I note the progressive approach and the encouraging manner as he moves patients through the different levels of recovery.

In his clinic, there is an easy sense of confidence.  His use of humour and his affable manner put people at ease and help them feel comfortable.

Over the years, I have had several occasions on which I have needed a physiotherapist in a number of different communities.  I have to say that Kirby Epp and Valhalla Physiotherapy have provided me with excellent service and I would rank them at the top of my list of comparable health care professionals.

Larry Gray, Ph.D., Fruitvale, B.C.


From minor sprains and strains to major ligament tears and ruptures, Kirby and his merry band of physiotherapists and front end staff have played an integral part in getting and keeping out family fit and active.  Playing sports, past or present, brings a myriad of acute and chronic injury and pain.  Valhalla Physio has dealt with all our needs knowledgably and professionally for many years.

Rand, Christine, Kendra and Katie Wayling, Castlegar, B.C.