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Doc, I'm Dizzy

Eliminate dizziness, restore balance

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Custom Orthotics & Bracing

Ease the pain of strains and sprains

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Welcome to Valhalla Physiotherapy

What is a Physical Therapist?

A healthcare professional who diagnoses and provides hands-on treatment and exercise prescription to address movement dysfunction. Working closely with physicians, they plan and implement individual treatment programmes to prevent physical disabilities.

A Physiotherapist can help restore strength, comfort and movement to your life.


At Valhalla Physiotherapy we believe that it may take more than one method of treatment to get you feeling better. We are happy to offer many treatment options under one roof.

Exercise - we are the exercise specialists! Exercise is integral to your rehabilitation programme.

Manual Therapy - joint mobilization and manipulation, passive and active stretching, soft tissue mobilization, massage

Acupuncture is quickly becoming a preferred method by both patients and physiotherapists

Orthotics are not just for sore feet. Back pain and knee pain are two problems that can stem from foot irregularities. Impressions of your feet are carefully taken to ensure perfectly fitted shoe inserts.

Electrotherapeutic Modalities - ultrasound, infrared light, muscle stimulators and interferential are scientifically proven to decrease pain and inflammation and speed up healing.

Braces - an elbow brace for your tendonitis, an ankle brace for your sprain or a custom made brace for your knee; we are the experts in brace-fitting.